Monday, April 14, 2008

Callie Update - 10pm Monday

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Hi all -I talked to Crystal and Kee a bit tonight. The meds arrived this afternoon and Callie has started on them (and now finished). It was a one dose over a set time period and now they are just waiting. The doctors told them to expect her to get a little worse before she gets better, which she has - but they are very confident that she is doing well. She is still breathing on her own. Her breathing has slowed down, but her oxygen saturation levels are good.

Katie, Corbin, and Kimberly were able to visit this afternoon too and see Callie and Kee and Crystal.

Kee and Crystal want you all to know how much they appreciate your prayers for them. They are most anxious to see a smile from Callie. :)

I'll keep you all updated if I hear any more.

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