Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's a Catch 22

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There are some sickies going around our house again. Headaches. Aches. Pains. Coughs. And everyone wants medicine of some sort. Fortunately (or unfortunately) medicine these days tastes so lovely that my children view it as a treat.

And want it constantly.

Laurianna was the secret receiver of Tylenol most of yesterday since she had the valid reason for needing it: a temperature. While we were sitting at the dinner table last night, Zachary tried to weasel his way into some medicine.

Z: I need some medicine.

Me: No you don't.

Z: I have a cough (insert fake cough).

Me: Well, Tylenol isn't for coughs.

Z: I have a tummy ache.

Me: It isn't for tummy aches either.

Z: Well, what is it for?

And you wonder why we have a padlock on our medicine cabinet. The kids would be eating medicine like Pez.

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  1. WHAT is up with that?! ALL of my kids do this too. Even Raegan. Before bed, she'll go "Dat!" and point to the meds on her counter. (she's been doing some heavyduty teething so they've been out.)

    Time to put them away again. ;)

  2. They like the taste, they should really make them less yummy. I loved them hen I was a kid, but I also loved our flouride tabs. They tasted so yummy! Have a great week!

  3. My oldest and youngest will drink Tylenol like it's Kool-Aid. My middle one I literally have to sit on and squeeze his cheeks to open his mouth enough to wedge the dropper in there.
    It was a long winter.

  4. Yeah, seriously. UGH! Ours beg for the meds too. I guess it is nice we don't have to choke them with it, gagging all the way, but fighting for it. AHHH!

    HOpe he never "learns" what he has to have to get some Tylenol. HAHAHAHA

    I'll send you the code this week!

  5. My little boy throws a tantrum everytime I have to give him Tylenol, not cause he has to take it, cause he can't have more!

  6. Oh i know D loves it! I now give him motrin just so i dont have the begging lol

  7. exactly the same thing at our house! oh to be so normal.

  8. Oh boy, yeah, I've heard that before!!


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