Saturday, April 12, 2008

Has it Been 7 Years Already?

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Seven years ago we officially became parents. All those images that we had seen on the ultrasound machine became true reality when we touched those little toes in person and held that little girl in our arms.

Today that little girl is having a friend sleep over. And wanting to wear makeup to do a fashion show. And is growing up into a very responsible big girl.

Where did all the time go?

Her birthday wishes for this year were to have carrot cake (boy, that was rough on Daddy), a locket and an "American Girl" doll, and ask a friend to sleep over.

She loves the locket (thank you Grandma!)

She loves the Target version of American Girl - (thankfully saving us $80!!)

Loves the new clothes for her doll

(thanks to Oma and Opa and also Allison, her friend)...

Ate every crumb of her carrot cake...

And thoroughly enjoyed having a sleep over.


  1. looks like she had a fun time; it's cool that it was nice and simple too; birthday parties seem to be getting crazier and bigger each year; I like to keep it simple too.

  2. Loving a simple party!

    SEVEN? Wow!

    Love the pics. Happy bday!


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