Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't Shoot til You See the Whites of Their Eyes

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A note for the record: My children do not get any part of their personalities from me. At all. They are all mini-Ricks. Not one single ounce can be attributed to me. *grins*

I've been eyeing a lovely little camera lens for awhile now (thanks so much to Lisa at Destination Photography) and finally got around to buying it. Since I've been carried away with Jane Austen lately scrubbing and cleaning my house, I haven't played around with it much yet. Until it was a lovely 80 degrees here today. Kids were outside. I was outside (if only to make sure Zachary didn't climb over the fence). Again.

If you'll allow me, you'll have to suffer through numerous pictures of my beautiful children. So sorry. Such is the loveliness of having a digital camera. But feel relieved. At least I won't post all 80 of them. :)

It started out in all seriousness. Every intent of taking some "serious" photos of the kids. Some nice new pictures for Daddy's desk at work.

And then it turned into FaceFest 2008. And really who can blame them for wanting to have a little fun. And why not take pictures of it all for memory's sake.

And really, there were so many more lovely pictures that I could post of my children (serious and no-so-serious), but you all only have so much time. And patience. :)


  1. are you kidding me? bring them on! those pictures are wonderful. i don't know if a new lens was necessary though, the kids are pretty darn fabulous all on their own.

  2. who knew McKenna could cross her eyes like that?! THAT's some talent.

    I'm so with you...I LOVE digital cameras. Why go get yearly professional pictures done these days when you can easily take your own (and MANY of them) with the digial?!! ...or maybe it's just me, since i'm so cheap. Uh...I mean FRUGAL.

  3. These are so awesome! Looks like you're enjoying a new toy??!!;-)

  4. You're being tagged. Check out my blog. :-)

    Luv ya.


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