Friday, April 25, 2008

Seven Wiser Years Later

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When we first found out we were expecting Laurianna (which now seems like an eternity ago), we had much fun running wildly amuck with a little scanner at the baby store. Picturing every little item in our nursery. Thinking about how fun it would be to use that amazing infant bathtub and how useful that portable infant swing would be. We made sure we had all the necessities for our first (and then any subsequent babies).
We were so sure we knew all that we would need for that little child. We laughed at the ridiculous things that some people might register for. Because seriously. Who in the world really needs this?

Surely a regular monitor would do just fine. Why in the world do we need to see our baby 24-7?
Today, seven wiser years later, the mother of an all-too-ambitious 3-year-old, I can say without a doubt that I WISH we had coughed up $100 to get one of these monitors. Laugh at me if you will. It would have been a mere investment of $15 a year. BUT....

...then we would be able to tell when Zachary has taken down the curtain rods (for the upteenth time), popped the end off the rod and used it to poke his little brother, who helplessly sits like a small caged zoo animal, unable to fend off his zoo-keeper brother.

...then we would see him pulling all of the lining out of the diaper genie.

...then we might know why the blinds seem to be permanently stuck in the closed position.

...then we might catch him climbing on top of his tall dresser to reach the highest heights of the closet shelves.

...then we might get more good laughs in a day just watching the non-stop movement of that boy. And there are days that I just need a good laugh when it comes to him.

But then again, knowing my son, it might just be another something for him to play with, try to take apart, and then we would wonder why we spent the $100 to begin with.


  1. i get the feeling that zachary might have a bit of energy?

    great post! i love a well written post---and this is definitly that. i laugh when i see the stuff that people have with their first born, i wonder, "were we just as bad?"

    now as i watch others with newborns and i see all of the handy contraptions and fun baby gives me the itch! :0)

  2. This post really made me laugh.

    To be honest, there are times I'd rather not know what my five-year-old is up to.

    Cute post.

  3. Dito to Just Mom...I sometimes think that somethings are better left unknown!

  4. Scott's brother and his wife have that monitor with the camera! It's awesome!

    Zachary keeps you going! Does Kaleb have as much "energy?"

  5. I am already thinking that we are going to need one of those. Let's just say it's a mother's intuition.

  6. To be honest I was looking at those when we had our first, but ended up with an "old fashion" monitor.

  7. I know someone that got one of those and they lived in a 1 bedroom apt. The baby slept in the same room as the parents.

    My sister however used hers for toddler monitoring purposes. She has 4 kids, the youngest 2 are twins. They could destroy a room in 30 seconds flat. After remodeling her house, and the twins destroying their brand new room she had enough. She bought one of those monitors. She watched intently as the boys went up in their room to "play" Naughty would erupt and she would yell upstairs for them to get down off the dresser (or whatever) They were amazed that she knew what they were up to. After a few weeks of this they decided Mom was everywhere and they began to tone things down. :) She would tell you it was worth every penny. Even if she only did buy it when her kids were 2.

  8. So, is this a boy thing? Or did we just get lucky?

  9. And look how much fun you would have missed!!!!!

  10. Zachary reminds me of my time I was chatting on the phone and actually had to say, "Umm...I have to go...Lukas is running around with a curtain rod!" He had climbed up the ladder for his sister's bunk bed and dismantled the [quite large] wooden dowel/curtain rod...wielding it as a weapon of mass destruction! :-)


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