Friday, April 11, 2008

Coming Soon to a Thrift Store Near You

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You'd think that by my fourth child I would have already caved... but for some reason, I seem to feel that I could make them WORK this time around.

Today, I decided that they would be better off bothering someone else.

I don't care if they are cute. They are annoying and I refuse to subject myself to them anymore. Period. No more pants with so many snaps that don't stay snapped. Or get mis-snapped and then have to be re-snapped. I've had it!

If you would care to mess with them, please check out the thrift store sometime next week.


  1. You have more patience than me. Jaedan wore his once, maybe twice and ended up in the give pile!!

  2. LOL.. I have a pair of overalls that will be joining those pants.. Some how they end up all unsnapped and my son looks like he is wearing a dress!

  3. haha, I hear ya. I gave up on them too. it's easier to take the pants off and put them back on than to deal with the crazy snaps.

  4. Yup, I stitched up the odd pairs my sons had; both the inside and outside of the popper seam using strong thread, doubled, to be sure. They looked fine and worked fine, until a puzzled Grandma gave them a good yank!! Gill.

  5. After my 1st I swore off pants that snap. Anything over 6months in size was too old for 100 snaps. I'm sure some other unknowing mother will snatch those up at the thrift store though! :)

  6. My mother taught me to use a hammer on them. It worked great!


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