Sunday, April 20, 2008

If You Give a Boy a Marker

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If you take a boy to the children's museum where he can paint his face and do art activities to his heart's content, you might regret that vast freedom upon returning home and having a craft time at your own house.

When I asked him "why?" he said he just wanted to make himself look pretty. That involved coloring his nose, trying to put a little "blush" on, putting some "lipstick" on, and for good measure, sticking out his tongue to color that too. YUM! And for the record, I don't put blush and lipstick on my son. Just good ol' chapstick.

At least I had the common sense to invest the extra money in washable markers.

I did forget to hide the dry erase markers well enough, so Zachary's artistic talents took a lovely spin.

On our bedroom wall.

I apparently gasped rather loudly when I first saw just a small scribble near our bathroom. I quickly washed it off without saying anything to Rick until Mr. Clean had managed to help get it off. I didn't notice that Zachary's display had gone around our room until Rick pointed it out.

I swear I need to keep this boy tied to one room. I don't even know WHEN he did this!


  1. WHOOOOO HOOOOO GO Z-MAN!!!!!! Now this one would fit in at our house right well!

  2. Oh my oh my...I have a little boy now...oh my...

  3. oh man; we've had that here too; Audrey is the coloring master; she loves to color on herself; why is that? becuase they're not supposed to I guess.


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