Sunday, April 20, 2008

Care for a Cup?

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Kaleb isn't one for doing much in our house. He still has yet to talk or really walk. He can walk - he just chooses not too. And yes, I'm aware that he's 17 months old and not doing either. And I'm not worried. He's just content to sit back, watch, and suck up all the attention he can get. Because why would he walk when he has a 7-year-old sister who can pick him up and carry him anywhere. Or a mom who might be willing to do the same. And why would he talk when there is little time to be heard.

Zachary was late on both doing both too - and look where that got me.

I'll just enjoy the relative quiet from him for the time being and be thankful that he's keeping himself content and happy.

That explained though, we were all excited to watch him pretend the other day. He found the girls tea set and when I asked for some tea, he picked up the tea pot, held it up to my cup and made a "pshhhh..." sound to pour the tea. The kids and I just laughed and thought it was so sweet, so he was rather proud of himself and kept pouring and drinking tea for quite some time.

And lately, Zachary has an obsession with my camera (so it is kept high out of reach). He is constantly wanting to take a picture with MY camera.

Not going to happen.

I heard him "clicking" as I was taking pictures of Kaleb, and he had picked up a part of the vaccuum cleaner to take pictures of Kaleb along with me. I'll take that creativity!!


  1. Not worried about whether he's walking much yet or not....
    Yup, he's the fourth. (I have talked to moms -heck I've been one- that prayed their youngest would walk late!)Something that only another mother of many would understand.

  2. What a sweet post. Kaleb is really starting to look a lot like Zachary. All your kids are so gorgeous. Love the "vacuum camera"...what a great imagination.


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