Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pray for Callie

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***Update from Crystal (11pm Sunday night)

Keep Praying....

Callie is in the ICU at our children's hospital. The potential diagnosis at this point is so unbelievable that I'm not even going to type it. They told us to prepare to be at the hospital for several weeks but we're believing a different report. :) We'll hear more test results in the morning so I'll try to update when I can. Pray, friends, pray. My little girl is hurting and it's breaking my heart.

Crystal and Kee are on their way to the Children's Hospital with their little girl Callie right now. They are not sure exactly what is wrong with her, but she hasn't been nursing this weekend, has been lethargic and won't take/drink anything. She has had very little over the last 3 days.

I'll will keep you all posted as I hear/know anything more, but please be praying for all of them.


  1. Please keep us informed!!!

    Have you heard anything yet? I can't imagine how scared I would be. We will be praying.

  2. Jolanthe, I haven't been by in a long time it seems...just doing some catching up on here...I am praying for baby Callie and her family!



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