Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How do their minds work?

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The cherry and pear trees are in full blossom here. As we were driving the other day, Laurianna asked me what kind of trees we were passing, so I told her they were pear trees.

L: So, they will grow pears?

Me: Not exactly. They don't grow fruit. Just flowers.

L: Why?

Me: Well...they just don't. (How's that for a cop-out answer?).

Silence for a few moments...

L: Oh! I get it. They are "pair" trees, not "pear" trees, since they grow in pairs! (Which generally you do see them planted in groups, so it sounds good to me!).


  1. Wow, she must be very observant. You are obviously doing a great job homeschooling her. I admire all women who dedicate their lives to their families!

  2. Okay, where I'm from we don't have fruit trees, so I'm a bit uneducated...but if the pear trees only grow flowers, where do the pears come from??? LOL!

  3. I am with ET...where exactly do pears grow then?

    Happy TTT!

    Love her reasoning.

  4. Great cop-out J! World-class!

    ...looking for my note-pad here, I need to take notes....

  5. So next time I'M stumped by my children's insightful questions...can I have them call Laurianna?


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