Sunday, September 2, 2007

You'd Think

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....after having four children and nursing them all, that I would be a little more aware of things and remember certain things (i.e. nursing pads, etc...), but alas, no. Today I took the girls grocery shopping with me and they were wonderful. McKenna was so happy to buy a basket for her bike with her own money - and put it on her new "early birthday present" bike (which we forgot was in my craft/homeschool/business room downstairs) and sent her down there in search of something. "Umm...Mom? What's this?" - duh! Laurianna also had earned some more money and came along in search of a kickstand for her bike. These two are "tricking" up their bikes rather cutely. Laurianna has great plans to buy a special seat cover for her bike next...who's her spending money!!

Anyway, after a fairly successfull trip to Walmart at an incredibly busy and hectic place (forgot JMU is back and it was payday and Labor Day - Ugh!), waiting in line forever to put my stuff on the checkout line, letting the girls buy their items each separately and pay for them (sorry if you were in line behind me while they figured all that out!), I realized that there was something wet on my shirt - what? I tried to figure out what in my cart I held up against me and then realized - not that - it was me! So, how do you discreetly cover a growing wet spot on your shirt while in the check out line and rearrange yourself (again discreetly) while the store is TEEMING with people and it is ever so hard to be discreet? :::sigh::: yet again - four kids and you'd think I'd have this covered.

Today my girls were talking and one of them yelled to me "Mom, she said the 's' word!" I had a moment of panic since the other night I had just read a friend's post and then tried to figure out where in the world they would have heard that word! I went to their room and didn't want them to repeat the word and it finally dawned on me - that the 's' word is STUPID! HA! so - not nice, but huge breather for me!

So, McKenna is in heaven with her new bike - hot pink - and Zachary is thrilled that he has a new bike (McKenna's old one). If anyone has any suggestions on how to take the old bike (which is teal and hot pink) and make it a little more "manly" looking, we'll take your suggestions and do our best. Zachary had to run outside during movie time tonight just to ride his "two-wheeler" and practice with the brakes again. We put the training wheels on it for him and he thinks he is the biggest kid now!


  1. You crack me up!

    A few things:
    1. "four kids and you'd think I'd have this covered." haha... no pun intended, eh? *wink*

    2. No worries on making the bike more manly. For Zachary already dresses girly. So see, problem solved. ;)

    3. Was the friend's blog with the "s" word maybe MINE? :) Thankfully we haven't had any more questions from the girls about that whole ordeal. hee hee

  2. For the bike - a good can of rustoleum spray in black or some fun "boy" color should cover it well! :)

  3. I was blog surfing and came across your little corner of blog world. I see Christin in your comments, so maybe I found you through her? Anyway... I too am a fellow nursing leaker! (I know something to be proud of, right?) :) I finally remembered to put nursing pads in the diaper bag right about the same time I stopped leaking at every noise the baby made. My sly cover up? I wear the baby in a sling A LOT. So it is always with me... feeling a little, um, wet? Wa-la! Nothing a sling can't cover! So what if the baby is happy on Daddy's lap?! I've enjoyed reading your posts. I love hearing the commedy of others Mom's. Blessings to you. ~Valerie~


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