Saturday, September 8, 2007

And you know this because??

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Zachary woke up from nap a wee bit stinky (truly putting it mildly). I put it off a little to get everyone their snacks and finish feeding Kaleb. The girls tried avoiding him like the plague, but because he is two and their brother, the stink followed them wherever they went, despite their objections. So, after finally chasing him down and getting him still for more than 2 seconds I started changing his diaper.

Before I even had his shorts off, he offhandedly says, "My poop is green." And I didn't really pay much attention at that point. I opened up his diaper. He was right. It was very green (why is this again??). My mind flips back a few seconds prior and I asked him how he knew his poop was green.

"Well, I put my hand in my diaper and it was green on my hand. Under my nails and on this finger."


He's been up for how long now? I will remind you that he has already finished his snack.

Because there is no remaining evidence on his hands. Period.


1 comment:

  1. The gag reflex is starting to kick in. Head is starting to spin. Must. Go. Now.

    (it does make you wonder if this was a first...? Hmmm)


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