Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Picture of Me...

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I don't have one decent picture of me. Not really a recent one that I can find. I think the most recent one I have that includes me is from Easter. Why is this you ask? Generally I am the one taking all of the pictures in my house. Not that there haven't been offers. Three of my four children have graciously offered to help out and take a picture, but I hesitate thinking that they are 6, 4, and 2 years old and I would like the camera to last for quite a bit longer - much, much longer. If I tried taking a picture of myself holding the camera out, that would more than likely be a cheesy picture - and well, what's the point.

This is not to say that Rick isn't able to take pictures. He can. But as a practice he doesn't. He's much more content to let me. Then at least too I know I have all the pictures we need (especially as I've more than likely already scrapbooked them in my head and he doesn't live in my head...).

So, my goal for the week is to sucker someone (other than my children) into taking a picture of me (maybe 10 so that I might actually/hopefully also LIKE one of them), find clean clothes to wear in the picture (that do not have any form of food or stain on them) and post this picture and print it off (should it be nice enough!!) for my husband to prove he has a lovely wife that can smile at him. :) I do smile. I do....


  1. I can sympathize...although by now, Jeff is well used to me shoving the camera at him and saying, "Here, take a picture of me!" :)

    What I discovered was that I have very few recent pictures of Jeff and I together--just the two of us. Still have tons from our dating/early marriage days...but since these adorable kiddos came along, they seem to monopolize the picture-taking opportunities...and one or the other of us parents is manning the camera. So to find a picture of our happy loving COUPLE when I wanted to post about US TWO was quite difficult!

  2. Okay so wait. Our husbands don't live in our heads? Huh. Shocking, to say the very least. ... I'm sure you've saved me thousands in counseling with just that little relevatory statement alone. Bless you. *wink*

    As for picture-taking. Pick me!! I actually DID bring my camera to our little play date. But you know, life happened. Camera didn't come out of bag. Next time...?

    And I can attest to all your blogger readers. She is pretty and she does smile. But only when her false teeth are in place.

    heh heh


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