Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet, sweet McKenna

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After a crazy busy day at home - water leak in the basement to which I am enormously grateful that I was unable to get the corner off the drywall as planned...apparently the leak wasn't in the wall, but squirting from a pipe TO the wall...that would have gone over well, eh? Kids are, well, my kids... McKenna is having issues lately with the finger-in-the-nose issue. She claims that it itches. Apparently a lot, based on our witness. So, in desperation I told her that the next time I caught her doing it, I would make her immediately put her finger in her mouth. Her shock at the thought was appropriate. Case closed....Zachary was soaked from head to toe (literally) because he just loves the water spicket, by the time all is said and done today...oops...dinner. :) So, we went to Cracker Barrel to use up our gift certificates that expire this month (pay attention all you Grace Covenant moms! :)

Anyway, we couldn't get food into Kaleb fast enough. Apparently we are going to have to start saving now for groceries in the future. The boy (and yes, he's only 10 months), ate 2 biscuits, a bowl of applesauce, a chicken tender, green beans, a carrot, a bunch of macaroni and cheese...and some milk before I was able to divert his attention to something other than food. Me? Didn't eat much at all. I tried here and there, of course. In between cutting food, spreading the vegetables around, playing "I Spy" to keep the other kids food is now in the fridge waiting for me tomorrow. :)

The kids truly did remarkably well. Remarkably. Other than forgetting over and over about the indoor voice thing. :) They even did amazing in the store after dinner while waiting 10 minutes for me to pay. So, when we got in the car, I turned around to let them know how proud I was that they were so obedient and well-behaved in the restaurant. At this point, the conversation went a wee bit off course.

McKenna: "So did you or didn't you see me pick my nose?"

Umm...hmm...Rick and I know what the real answer is supposed to be...but we saw nothing. Lovely. Who did? ***me trying not to giggle now...Rick sighs***

Me: " there something you need to tell us? Did you?"

McKenna: "Well, yes. And after I was putting my fingers in my food."

Ahhhhh. Super nice. Good visual...good thing I didn't eat much.... Lovely.

McKenna: "Next time, I'll just stick my fingers in my mouth instead."


Anyone have any anti-nose-picking ideas?? Anyone? I'll give you a moment to stop the gag reflex and let you get back to me on this one...

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  1. FUNNY. :)

    If you find something that works with the whole nose thing...let me know, as I am having trouble with MY nose itching. *laughing*

    yes, I am being sarcastic. in case you didn't catch that. But considering we both speak that language, I'm guessing you got it. ;D


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