Saturday, September 29, 2007

If it doesn't move, I might tag it...

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We're having a yard sale this weekend. Right now I'm beginning to think, "What was I thinking?" I at least had the common sense to change the start time from 7am to 8am. Mainly based on the fact that Rick and I were sitting at the breakfast table and could barely see outside at 7am - too dark. I suppose it might be difficult to read prices, not trip over things, etc... at that point in the morning, huh?

It is amazing to me though how much STUFF we really have. I will be glad to get the piles of things out of my basement that I am hauling out of my closets and the deep dark crevices of my house. And yet there is still STUFF everywhere!! Too much stuff. Where do I draw the line? I know we have four kids, but seriously. Birthdays and Christmas are coming up and I'm beginning to think that if one more toy enters my house.....we just might explode

***It's Saturday afternoon now - our computer/internet service has been down the last few days, so I wasn't able to finish posting. The yard sale is complete...we sold quite a bit, but yard sales really amaze me in some ways. What is it that makes someone pick up something and not another? :) I'm not defending my stuff, but... it's comical to me when you watch someone look at something, pick it up, ponder it in their mind - and then put it down - when it's 50 cent item...or they put it down without ever asking if you'd take less.

Or the items you think - wow! this is such a great deal - and not one person even gives it a second glance....hmmmm... just interesting to me. :) So, it does appear that Rick will be able to purchase a chain saw now - yeah for the boy toy. Of course we still have to buy all the safety equipment to go along - just so he can keep all his body pieces in their places and not leave them lying in the woods somewhere... hee hee...

On another note, our lack of tv/internet for 2 days has shown me (sadly) how much I use the computer and rely on it for just the littlest, hearing from friends, just to "veg out" for a minute. Turns out some cable in our backyard underground is bad - good thing for us is we don't have to pay for them to fix it (YEAH!!!) and they were nice enough to run a temporary cable line for us since it will take 2 weeks to fix. Deep sigh of relief. So...I'll be back soon and blogging more over the next few days I'm sure.


  1. We had a yard sale at my sister's house a few weeks ago. We made a whopping 50cents. Yes, you read that right. 50 cents. It was SOOOOO NOT worth getting up at the butt crack of dawn for. Not only did we make no money, but we had to haul all of our stuff back INTO out house! grrrrr. Glad to hear that yours was better. And there is no better treat for a good yard sale than a chain saw?? :)

  2. yes, a chain saw. we just bought 6 acres of land that are begging to me played on - by my husband, that is. :) So, the deal was...sell enough baby toys (and stuff) to buy a toy for the big boy! hee hee...I'm thinking our yard sale went a wee bit better than yours. :)


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