Thursday, September 6, 2007

Loud Time, not Quiet Time

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Rick's alarm didn't go off this morning, our kids did. They are up like clockwork. The reason his alarm didn't go off? I would assume one of two little people that abide in our house ...hmmm... shocking, I know. Generally I have time to shower and eat breakfast and do a few other things around the house before the kids get up, but as of yet I've only eaten and actually gotten up (waking up hasn't fully happened yet). I'm listening to the kids in their rooms playing and I'm trying to have a little "quiet time" with God. Not so quiet really. On the bright side, I don't have anyone thumping on me, screaming in my ear, pulling on me, or trying to push the majority of buttons on my computer, so it is a little easier.

I'm reading a book called "Mom...and Loving It!" (wonder why I pulled that one of the shelf??) I do love my children, but I will be the first to admit that there are times that I don't always love every moment of being a mom. If you've read any of my other blogs, you might recognize some of those times. There are times when I wonder what in the world I went to college for - I don't recall studying how to get baby powder out of carpeting, marker out of my curtains, yogurt and crayon drawings off of catch my drift. There are more times than not that I would just like to have a moment alone. A quiet moment. One without someone asking for the 15th time "Can I....?" When I can read a full sentence...type a full sentence...

One of the things that really caught my attention today was this quote:

"For moms, it's usually not a 'quiet' time. The kids don't have to be asleep for you to spend time with God. Sometimes it's 'loud' time, but no less precious when it's time spent with the Father. It doesn't have to be an hour either. Fifteen minutes can change the outcome of your whole day."

The times that I do have time to sit and read/feed my mind really DO make a difference and refresh me to be a better mom. I, however, tend to feel they have to be completely quiet - which, truly does not happen in this house until long after the kids are in bed, and by then I'm just exhausted. I'm not a perfect mom :::gasp::: but I do want to be a better mom. A little more patient. A lot more fun. And a whole lot more like Jesus - especially to my family. I'm responsible for showing them so much more than how to tie their shoes, how to color in the lines, and making sure that their teeth don't fall out because they think brushing for 5 seconds qualifies those teeth as being "clean". There are more times than not that those thoughts scare me to death. "How much have I already missed on? Why did I do this? Why didn't I do ..." The only thing that I can do is learn, keep going, and ask God to help me - in those loud times. :)


  1. Loud time....I like that. Great post. :)

  2. Hi, Jolanthe! I don't think we've ever met, but you and I have friends in common. :)

    I just wanted you to know that I've been enjoying reading your blog. I'll be back often to visit!

  3. Jolanthe, I know you through Christin and Crystal both. And I actually was part of GCC during my growing-up years. My family knows Rick; in fact, my first memory of him is when he was a lifeguard at the Wellness Center and my dad used to go there to swim and take my brother and I along on Sunday afternoons when it was free for kids. :)

    So that's how I found you!


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