Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Day...

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Another layout today (this one at least from a fairly recent event!!) - I'm tempted to work on more tonight, but last night I couldn't fall asleep - and I even tried to go to bed early (well 10:30). Despite the fact that Rick's been talking in his sleep and elbows me frequently, apparently I can't sleep unless he is doing that - so I laid there and twiddled my thumbs until 12:30...

With Rick gone today, my dad helped me take them to the museum (i.e. keep track of Zachary). Thanks Dad!! We've been going there about once a week - a membership there was the best thing that we invested in this year. We have definitely gotten our money's worth there - rainy days, hot day, crazy days... :)

It' almost quiet again now (I say almost because the kids are all in bed, but Kaleb is making noise occassionally to which Zachary is shushing him, which makes him cry more...), so I am posting some pictures today from out in the backyard with the kids. You might notice that there is now actually a picture of me on the sidebar. I got brave this afternoon and let the girls take 2 pictures each. They were way off center and rather comical, but with a little's a passable picture and proves that I exist, right? Of course I don't like it that well, but it'll do for now. :)

Here are a few pictures of the kids playing. Kaleb doesn't usually get to play in the grass, since he tends to graze otherwise, and as fiberous as I'm sure that is - well, I'll pass.

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  1. Great pictures--especially the one of you! :) Do we ever like our own pictures???


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