Friday, September 7, 2007

My Buddy Map

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At the bottom of this page is a "Buddy Map". Just thought it would be fun to add it to the map and when people visit have them "sign" it so we can see where people are visiting from. So, if you are visiting, pop a dot on the map. Eventually, the map may look like this:

And, yes, babies that are nursing and 3 months old and supposedly getting mommy's antibodies, etc.. DO get chicken pox. This was Zachary about 2 1/2 years ago - he looks much better now, especially when he's all prettied up....heehee... And as to how a 3 month old can get chicken pox when none of his siblings did...your guess is as good as mine, but in our house - anything is possible!!


  1. Oh, bless his heart. I'm glad that's in his past. I itch just looking at him. ;-)

  2. Oh, that's horrible!

    You got your first dot on the map. :)

  3. I actually got it as a 3 month old as well...?! but the up-side is he couldn't scratch!!


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