Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That's Our Boy :::sniff, sniff:::

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Yep. That's our son...not one of our girls with a bad haircut. I believe Rick must truly wonder what in the world I do at home with our kids all day. He came home from work yesterday to find this scene in our kitchen. What Rick missed was the drama that happened before he walked in the door.

Zachary saw the girls fly to get dressed when I put on some music to listen to...so he followed. Oh the joys of having two older sisters to look up to. They immediately dressed up in a ballet costume and princess dress to dance to the music, so Zachary followed suit. I thought that buying him a Spiderman costume would help give him other options, but he isn't as keen on those options.


He pulled out the beautiful Cinderella costume and after much anguish in trying to get it on, danced for a moment and then started screaming because (and yes, I'm serious) he couldn't find the matching SHOES!! on the one hand, I suppose I should be happy that he is trying to match something, but I wasn't exactly planning on raising a son who cares about accessories! :) Of course, it doesn't help much that our 9 month old also seems to have a huge obsession with shoes. Put him in a room full of toys and one flip-flop, sneaker or other shoe-like object and he will make a bee-line for the shoe and play with only that. On the bright side, I am thankful that at least the kids were racing to worship and dance. So, that should make it much better, right? :)

I'm beginning to believe Rick thinks that I do this on purpose. :::grins:::

And, going by this picture, Kaleb doesn't seem to have much of a chance either. Note to self: when the kids are too quiet - investigate. One would think that I would notice a quiet moment in my house - they are generally so rare, but my mind seems to slip away until I snap back to the present and then race to see what is really going on in my house....


  1. Aw, Jolanthe, you have such gorgeous BOYS. heh heh ...seriously, Kaleb could pass for a girl, he's so adorable. though, no worries, I'm sure he'll grow out of it.

    This cracked me up. ;)

  2. I have pictures of my brother (who shall remain nameless since this could be read by anyone in the world) looking much like this. He turned out just fine. :)

  3. JO!

    Just wanted to say I stumbled across your blog and have loved reading your entries! Life with kids is so fun...never dull. Keep writing!



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