Monday, September 3, 2007

Nap Time or Play Time?

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Ahhhh...naptime. The blessed moment in most mother's days when there might be, for just a brief moment in time, a small respite from the chaos that generally ensues in the household. What are those quiet moments worth? What do our children do during those quiet moments. Generally, we hope and pray that they are sleeping. Generally, we assume that they are sleeping. Unfortunately, they many times are not sleeping and are otherwise entertained.

Below you will see some pictures of today's entertainment brought to you by Zachary. Yes, I should have known that there was trouble brewing. We'd been playing "open the door, close the door" for far too long. I just hoped he'd actually finally fallen asleep - which, mind you, he did after his little "fun time". Rick was home today and went to get Zachary up from his nap so I heard "Hon. You'd better come and see what your son did." My son. Yeah. Must be good, right? I had already started giggling before even getting to the room. Rick was standing there with his hands on his hips and just staring into the room. So I did what every good mother does. Turned around and went to go get the camera.

I entered the room:

Zachary had climbed on top of the dresser, grabbed a bottle of medicated baby powder and apparently went to town. After he had finished his dumping, to his credit, he at least did try to clean the mess up - with baby wipes no less. So the lovely powder mess on top of the dresser turned into a powder smear all over the top, the sides, and the front of the dresser. The rest of the room was just a bonus. Spots on Kaleb's crib, Zachary's bed and of course the big pile on the floor. After taking pictures, I hauled all the cleaning stuff out and cleaned it all up. Sadly, a vacuum cleaner can only suck up so much powder and there seems to be a permanent area of powder residue now (unless someone knows how to get powder out??? anyone?). On the bright side, the room does smell rather lovely now.

Once the room did get clean, here are a few other things Zachary decided to do:

5:20 play in the kitchen with mommy

5:25 empty the silverware drawer of all spoons and hide them from mommy

5:30 return spoons to mommy once she figured it out

5:32 pull the vacuum cleaner out of the closet mommy forgot to lock, plug vacuum cleaner in and try to vacuum up younger brother

5:34 help put the vacuum cleaner away

5:38 find the camera mommy used to take pictures of mess made and try to take a few of my own pictures

5:41 try to pick up my little brother

5:43 hide in bed with some of the cleaning supplies mommy forgot to put away

5:44 give mommy back the cleaning stuff

5:49 take a jar of jelly and climb into my brother's crib (fortunately I found him before he OPENED it)

5:57 Mommy changes Kaleb's diaper, opens up the wipe container and discovers all the wipes I used to try and clean up the powder

must I go on?


  1. Wow! I thought I was the only one with kids that energetic!! Glad to know I'm not!

    By the way - vaseline comes off a child (head to toe) with warm water and a lot of rubbing. Catching the kid is the hard part!

  2. Corbin did this to my bed when he was Zachary's age! I have pictures somewhere. Kimberly also became a victim of his over-eager powdering. :-)


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