Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Little Spicy

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The girls and I were cuddling up on the couch yesterday when I noticed they needed their ears cleaned out a little (I know, lovely thought).

And there's a certain little someone in this house who's life motto is not: "Cleanliness is next to godliness."

So when I went to clean her ears and there was very little to do I was rather impressed. And said so.

To which the response was, "Sometimes I clean my ears out like this (demonstrates with her finger) and then I eat it."

(Thoughtful pause).

"It's a little spicy."

It's EARWAX, for Pete's sake! Who knew (or really wanted to) that it was spicy? I'll just take her word on it - thank.you.very.much.

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  1. Wow. I'm a little speechless at that. I guess that's a kid for ya!

    I'm so excited that my 19 month old is talking and we can join in TTT!

    Have a great day!

  2. so funny!!! I love the honesty!!
    soooooo... how do you clean her ears?? William is in desperate need and I don't have a clue where to begin.. :)

  3. See the look on my face? Yep, it is the same one everyone is making when they read this. Let me guess who made that comment.

    Happy TTT. Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

  4. My 8yo recently confessed to me that he (still) eats the goodies he get out of his nose and ears.
    Um EWWWW!!! I remember trying to teach him when he was 4 that snot was a waste product akin to poo, and that it was not to be eaten...he seemed to get it, but apparently he didn't stop eating it, he just started hiding it.
    Kids are NUTS!!

  5. LOL I serious about peed my pants at work! HAHHAHHA I am a total ear freak person.. but I didnt know that fact :-P

  6. ok...that's really a very gross picture there you have painted! Thanks for sharing that lovely gross discussion. Kids are too funny, aren't they??

  7. i don't know which is worse - eating earwax or eating your boogers??? are you up for a taste test??? just kidding that is so completely disgusting - even though I am sure we did it too!!!

  8. Spicy?? That is too funny. And oh my word to MommyBee! I have the opposite problem. Kaydn Rye's nose will run and he'll run up to me with a nice green blob on his finger and see "Here you go mommy, throw this away for me." Good luck with the ear wax!

  9. I am an obsessive ear cleaner...really. It's crazy.

    I can say nothing else as this post has left my pregnant belly feeling quite nauseous...so glad I stopped by...LOL!


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