Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Will Not Be Sidetracked...

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It is always better to follow through with something you start - when you start it. Being sidetracked - not so good.

Generally impossible, but better.

Take for instance, oh...let's just say frozen meat. If you run downstairs to the freezer to pull out a pound of meat - TAKE IT IMMEDIATELY TO THE KITCHEN.

Do not stop in your bedroom on the way up and be sidetracked by the "inbox" beep on the laptop you hid from yourself, so that you would spend less time on the computer during the day.

Never place the frozen meat on your bed. Never.

Because 45 minutes later, you will sit and wonder what in the world you could have possibly done with a hunk of meat.

Which isn't quite as frozen anymore (and fortunately was on something else so you don't need to conduct major cleaning to counteract your temporary loss of umm...focus?

Especially since you were NOT sidetracked by reading a blog (or 4...ok, more).


  1. ooo that could be a mess! Were you able to save dinner?

  2. Evidently I am easily sidetracked! I saw your new post and went ooooo ahhh!
    btw, I am working....sort of!

  3. You hiding your laptop too? Mine has taken up residence in our office (novel place), far from the kitchen. I'v never been downstairs so many times as in the past few days.

  4. Jolanthe--
    Bethany told me about your blog--It's great! Your children are hilarious and so precious!!
    (Sorry about your meat : D
    I can definitely relate to getting sidetracked!)
    God bless you!
    Jessie Paul

  5. That is SOO something I could have done.


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