Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Doors Open at 8am

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The kids were quietly playing together.

Let me repeat that.

Quietly playing together. Happily too, I might add.

When I went to investigate to see what could be wrong going on, I walked into the girl's room and was met by this little sign.

And opened the door to discover that we have apparently set up a thrift store in our house - with rock bottom prices I might add! Laurianna had taken the time to cut out price tags and tape them onto each article of clothing and was eagerly awaiting customers.

Which McKenna believed would really come, insisting that we needed to fully open the blinds in their room so the neighbors would see and come.

Even though we live on a cul-de-sac.

But if you do decide to stop by and pick up toys or clothing, be sure to mind the rules.

1. Keep shirts and shoes on.
2. Do not steal.
3. Pick up the mess you made.
4. Look at price tag before buying.
5. Please buy something.

So as long as you are fully clothed, don't take anything without buying, clean up after yourself, and remember to look at the tags, you are more than welcome to shop from our closets and toy bins. We open early and we'll be waiting for you.


  1. How sweet! I remember my brother and I making crafts (I would make bracelets and he would paint wooden cars) and we would open a store on my grandmothers bed. It sure was fun!!

  2. I have to keep my shirt on???? ;-) Very cute.

  3. I love the thrift store at your house. I agree the prices are rock bottom, you even deliver;)

  4. Fantastic [smile].

    Howver, now may be the time to start a contingency plan for when the CPSIA kicks in [smile].


  5. I love there shopping rules! Such creative kids!

  6. To cute!!! I wish there were reals like that at Christmas time

  7. That makes me remember how my friends and I would play store and my stuffed animals and I would play school. They were such great students. Never ever loud!! lol

  8. Hilarious! Especially their rules. :)

  9. How adorable! That is so inventive!!! Maybe they should come to my house and set up a thrift store - they could make a fortune!

    You asked about the sand and water table . . . I purchased it online at:

    It is Angeles Sand and Water Activity Table

    Item # 8WWDCSWAT

    Price: $193.20 - and worth every penny.

    I then added moon sand . . . it is wonderful for inside play. I do recommend a little broom and dust pan to go along with it!



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