Monday, January 5, 2009

And back we go...

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I procrastinated. There I said it. And this morning, I am paying the price of feeling yucky because I'm getting a cold and I stayed up too late planning out the next few weeks of school for us.

Renewed and determined to not "skimp" and get by, but actually have fun filling up some extra time with the kids and using some of those things that have been lying dormant for awhile.


  1. yeah,well, at least you are in good company ;)

  2. Admitting is the first step! Hey I would love to get together and get your help doing some sort of tot school stuff with Sammy.

  3. Is every January like this for homeschooling mommies? FEel forced to revamp, re-energize and get going? :)

    Posted my schedules....

  4. Oh no!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    We started school here again as well. I fretted all last week because I wanted to get organized for this next semester. But time was very elusive this holiday season. I managed to squeeze in three hours of prep on Sunday it sounds like our nights were a lot alike!


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