Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boxing in my Stomach

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I am SO EXCITED because next Monday I am going to be meeting up with Mary from Not Before 7 to just hang out and talk and, well, MEET her officially other than in the bloggy world!!

For Tiny Talk this week, I have a little somethin' somethin' to share from the oldest three in our house.


We've been studying about Russia this last week with the girls and I was trying to get them to notice that Russia is unique because the country is on two different continents. We were sitting on the couch and I was asking them what they noticed and they were pointing out silly things on the map. Not noticing what I was hoping they would notice.

Finally I asked, "Do you not see ANYTHING special about Russia? Anything at all?"

Laurianna looked for a minute at the map and said, "Well, the 'R' is in Europe and the 'USSIA' is in Asia."

Because I'm sure the people in Europe notice that huge "R" out in the middle of the field somewhere....

McKenna was reading from the Beginner's Bible (Matthew 13:47-49) to me and I was half listening until she got to a part in the New Testament where it talked about separating the godly from the ungodly.

And had a few minor alterations because of her reading.
"But the angels will come and separate the goodly (godly) people from the ugly (ungodly) people. The goodly people will live in heaven with me forever."

And apparently the ugly ones don't have a chance. We need to work on some phonics, eh?


While he was waiting for breakfast on Saturday morning, Zachary looked up at me and said in an awe-struck voice (with his hands on his stomach), "Mom! I think that someone is boxing in my stomach! I think someone is playing the Wii and boxing in there! It's going (insert boxing noises here)."

I about lost in on that one!

Be sure to head over and read some more Tiny Talk Tuesday!!


  1. LOL I am cracking up over here!! I love the boxing story! The poor ugly people.. I guess to God they could be since he cannot look at them because of their sin.. hehe okay maybe a stretch ;-)

  2. I love listening to my kids mis-read things. Goats and sheep, goodly and ugly...

  3. Too funny!! Thanks for sharing your girls' reading skills with us!! Always entertaining!

  4. Too funny! Your little ones sound so entertaining!

  5. She discovered the answer to the crop circle mystery. They are not crop circles, just really big letters identifying the countries.

  6. Oh, hilariouis! Ok, if I didn't read your blog, I wouldn't find all these neat things out there . . .and wouldn't spend so much time on the computer! Lol, gonna have to check out Tiny Talk - so cute!


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