Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Chicken and the Egg

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I am so avoiding "that talk" with my kids. Part-fear. Part-dread. Call me wimpy if you will, but knowing the barrage of questions that Laurianna will inevitably ask, I am avoiding it as long as possible.

Granted, I won't wait until she's 20, but she's 7, so I figure I have a little bit of time, right?

Meantime, I skirt the issue. Give vaguish sort of answers that appease the wondering mind. Enough to satisfy, but not enough to unleash a deeper understanding.

While we were driving the other day, the kids had a lovely conversation going on amongst themselves about getting married and having babies. They asked me questions about why I had to be in a wheelchair with Kaleb's birth (c-section), and why the doctor had to cut my tummy, etc... That conversation spurned a "I'm NEVER having a husband! I don't want any babies, 'cause I don't want my tummy cut open!" - from McKenna.

Then a deeper question: "Mom. Do you have to have a husband to have babies?"

Me: "Yes. God has someone special for you." (I'm not going there yet either).

Laurianna pipes in: "Yeah, McKenna. It's just like chickens. If you don't have a daddy chicken, you don't have a chick. You just have an egg you can eat."

And there you have the birds and the bees all summed up nicely from a 7-year-old perspective. And at the moment - that works just fine for me. :)


  1. Pretty insightful, actually!

    I'm enjoying your blog--Thanks!

  2. OH NO! No husband 'cause you don't want your tummy cut! Their innocence is so sweet...but the things kids think!

    I don't blame you at all for not wanting to got down "that road."

  3. Oh I love these kids. You will have an award waiting for you on my blog tomorrow. Posts like this are why you truly make my day...


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