Thursday, July 24, 2008

Backseat Conversations

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It never ceases to amaze me in our house how quickly conversations can go from being very serious to oddly strange in just a few moments.

Although it shouldn't surprise me, especially with my kids.

While driving, we were having a serious conversation with Zachary about Jesus. After much explaining back and forth about some things, his three-year-old mind was finally grasping some of the concepts.

Z: No, Jesus doesn't live in heaven - He lives in my heart.

Me: He does live in your heart when you ask Him too, but He also lives in heaven.

Z: Oh. (insert pause) Heaven is in my heart.

That just sums it up better than I could ever try to put into words.

As Rick and I were giving each other that "did-you-hear-the-sweet-thing-your-son-just-said" look, the so-touching mood of the car changed quickly with the backseat conversation between Laurianna and McKenna.

M: I think I just poopied in my bathing suit.

L: It was probably just a toot. Is it squishy?


  1. First that is the sweetest thing I have heard! But the girls have me cracking up over here!!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Your kids so the FUNNIEST things!

  3. The poopie conversation was simply too funny! Hope the poopie didn't make a mess! Hopefully it was a toot!

    The conversation about Heaven and Jesus was sweet! Those innocent moments!

    I didn't take the frog picture, but simply found it. Jo-Lynne of musings with a housewife gave me a site to look through when she was designing my blog for me and I found it there. I love the froggie!

  4. And this is why motherhood rocks.

  5. This post warmed my heart and made me bust out laughing, all at the same time. Awesome. :-D


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