Monday, July 7, 2008

One of THOSE Days

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It's just been one of those days. Profoundly so.

It started out with a headache and then I had the brilliant idea of running errands with the kids and topping it off with a trip to our library. I will preface the rest by saying that the accoustics are wonderful in our library.

And I'm sure everyone in our town is thankful for that at this moment.

We managed the few errands and then...

...the library.

The stacks of books, the toys, the overabundance of children were apparently too much for a little man and myself. And a Mom needs to stand by her boundaries. And stand I did...

Zachary kept running with another little girl back and forth through the stacks. So after the third time of telling him to stop, I said we were leaving.

And the screaming began. And the semi-kicking. And crying.

Yeah. Those librarians were LOVIN' me!

We finally made it home. Life stayed fairly crazy. And now we have a little boy on probation from going to the library for awhile. And a momma who might just be slinking back into the library without kids for awhile.

Perhaps they won't recognize me then.


  1. You can always count on the kiddos having a great time where ever they go! I know how frustrating all of it is . . . You did the right thing!

  2. I sympathize. K typically ends up throwing a fit if I try taking them to the downtown main library, so I have limited him to the branch libraries where for some reason he always behaves. Well, um, what passes for good behavior for him, anyhow.

  3. We're going to attempt a library trip tomorrow; I'll see if Zachary's echoes are still bouncing around the walls. :)

    Good for you for sticking to your boundaries! Sometimes it takes time, but he will respond to that. I think least, I'm desperately hoping so because I'm counting on that with my little David who's been something of a handful the past few days. ;)

  4. I think the librarians have most likely seen worse. Like a parent who keeps saying "if you do that on more time, then..." and then never follows through.

    They (we all) know kids will be kids. it's life. But what I'm SURE they appreciate is a parent being the ADULT.

    So I'm sure they will remember you...for being someone they know isn't a pushover to her child. And they'll probably rejoice when you come in.

    You are a great mom! And Zachary is a GREAT little guy. He'll be a STRONG leader one day, partly due to his genetic personality and partly due to his mom, who showed him how to best use it.


  5. haha, I always try to quickly walk by the front desk hoping the Librarians won't recognize me as the mom with the crazy kids. why is it that they are always crazy in a place that you are supposed to be quiet?

  6. Oh, I battled the thoughts of "take the kids? leave the kids?" as we needed to go the library this evening.

    I took them.

    The library got a new toys section. The kids played with Lego's while I picked books. It was nice.

    In the past I have strapped children in to the stroller and bribed with lolipops. I've also used the "leash" on the little two.

    It's not easy to find a running toddler (or two!) in a 10,000 square foot room with shelving taller than I am.

    I'm stressing just thinking about it. Next week I think I'm going solo.

  7. Oh, isn't that just life with kiddos sometimes?

    Errand-running with my three is NOT on my list of "favorite things to do"!!!


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