Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Costco Needs a Sign

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Apparently I am spatially challenged. Either that, or I have become so accustomed to Costco that I feel that whatever IT houses will fit without issue into my house.

They should have a sign, I tell you. It's really hard to visualize an object in your itty-bitty house with 8 foot ceilings when you are standing in a bright, HUGE warehouse with 50 foot ceilings.

A bohemoth of a dresser seems so t-i-n-y.

Until you try to move it into your house and nearly break not only your back, but also the piece of furniture trying to lift it off the truck.

While it did all fit into our room (although there is not an inch of space left on the wall with the nightstands and our bed), I just laughed when I stood in front of the dresser after it was all in place.

It really didn't look that HUGE at Costco. It does look great, but I so don't want to move that sucker again anytime soon.


  1. Caution...the same rule should apply to Grand Home Furnishings...just a little "episode" my former roommate and I had with a couch, (that would be the final one that stayed and the three that the Grand movers tore trying to get through the door.)

  2. Ahhhh, we too have been victims of the "Costco Illusion of Miniaturization". I even have a hard time finding a place to put the giant box of detergent!! ;-)


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