Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visiting with my Mom

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My mom was able to visit for a few days this past week. And it was such a welcome visit. We haven't seen her since last May when we were up visiting (she lives 12 hours away). My dad has been living with us since February 2007 as they are in process of moving to live near us.

The kids had such a wonderful time playing with her and just enjoying the time that they had with her (and me too!). Thanks so much, Mom for making the trip (and I know that you are thrilled with me posting pictures...hee hee).

While she was here, she was pulled into many games, toys and oddities. At the Children's Museum, Laurianna spent much of her time making Oma a bouquet of paper flowers.

Mom spent time playing with the girls during their rest time and after she had left yesterday I talked to the girls, who were playing with some dollhouses we bought them for Christmas. They play with them occassionally - rarely enough to make me consider dropping them off at a local thrift store. Over the last few days though, they have played very actively with them. I asked the girls about it and tried so hard not to laugh when Laurianna responded, head drooping (literally) and ever-so-despondently, "We just never knew how much fun they could be until Oma showed us."

Do you know what my Mom was playing with them? Robbers and thieves. Those poor little Sweet Streets characters will never be the same again.

It truly made me realize how much I miss my Mom - and can't wait for her to be here near us.


  1. I love it when I have time to simply spend time with my Mom. She stopped by yesterday for a short visit. I love to watch her with my children!

    Cops and Robbers - too funny!

  2. That is SO adorable! Those kinds of comments are what makes blogging worth it, eh? Otherwise we'd forget those little tidbits...

    Hope they can move down TOGETHER soon!

  3. So sweet! Glad you had some time with your mom. that your kitchen and play area. Love it!


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