Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scissors and the Ten Commandments

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How, oh how, might I possibly relate those two?

You do remember whose blog you're reading, don't you?

The kids (i.e. McKenna and Zachary) found a hairbrush today under a chair and I suggested they play hairdresser.

One would assume I would know infinitely better than make such a suggestion.

The two sat down and played in the house for a bit and then it got suspiciously quiet. I found them outside still playing hairdresser. With scissors.

Fortunately, I caught them before it went too far and I was able to contain the damage done.

McKenna went back inside and while in her room she started reading her kids Bible. A few moments later she came into the kitchen with a rather distressed look on her face.

"Mom, I was reading my Bible and I broke two of the commandments. 'Always tell the truth' - I told you I didn't have scissors, and 'obey your mom and dad' -I didn't obey. That's not good."

We had a great little talk about the grace of God and forgiveness at that point, much to her relief. It's just nice to know that there are things sinking into her mind...even with temptation leading the way.


  1. Hey at least you had your camera. That's a pretty intuitive little girl you have, by the way. Good job mom.

  2. Oh my that is so great of her! You are parenting them so well!

  3. That is so special! You wonder sometimes if they "get it" your baby girl does!!! Congrats to you on your teaching!

    BTW - I have nominated you for an award - come on by and check it out!

  4. there had to be a commandment of some sort that you broke for putting such foolish ideas into their innocent little heads :0) JUST KIDDING!

    very cute story.

  5. I'm glad you caught them before it was too late!

  6. LOL - well that is what you sent them to do, right? ;)

    Now, what a beautiful heart there in that little McKenna! Glad she brought that to you.


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