Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meeting my Husband

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My husband is feigning sleep. Because I am trying to convince him that it would be FUN for him to write a post on this blog. A sort of "He Says, She Says" on how we met. He has a small grin on his face and doesn't quite seem convinced.

Why about how we met? Well, this past weekend marked a tenth wedding anniversary for Rick and I. And eleven years together as a couple. It's really amazing how ten years can go by so quickly!

So...our story begins...

I moved to our town eleven years ago - very last minute - to start working on my graduate degree at a local university. I didn't know a soul. Couldn't even figure out what the local grocery store even looked like. Keep in mind this was before the boom of Walmart Supercenters - I could have figured that out.

My first Sunday in town I attended a local Baptist church because it was close to my apartment and it was visibly recognizable as a church. I'd poured over the yellow pages the week prior trying to find a church and tried to search out a few, but many of them met in different buildings and since I wasn't familiar with the town...well, the Baptist church was just easier to start with.

The church secretary was sitting behind me and later was a plethora of information on local grocery stores, shopping, and upon finding out my church background - referring me to a church that might be more of a fit for me personally.

The next week I attended that church and found a seat all by my little lonesome. Prepared to worship. Can you guess who was on worship team that week?

I remember one of the first thoughts that went through my mind was "Oh. Wow!...noticing ring finger...He's single!"

And then - "I am NOT here to meet a man! I am here to go to school."

Rick remembers seeing me come in and was going to ask me out that Sunday, but decided to wait and see if I came back the next week. I remember little else about that Sunday, but did like the church and decided to come back the next Sunday. So I did.

That next week I wanted to spend some time talking to the man in charge of the college group and also the youth pastor, since I had spent the last seven years working with my youth group at home. On my way to meet the youth pastor, I passed Rick and just said "hi" as I walked past him. After the church service while I was talking to the leader of the college group, I noticed Rick hanging around. And hanging around. And then he finally walked up.

I'm assuming he introduced himself (I don't remember much about this part), but at some point he invited me out to lunch, and I accepted. We picked a restaurant and got to know each other a little better.

Many of you probably don't know how to say my name (and many people who do know me can't quite say it either, so you're in good company, don't worry). And that day was no exception for Rick. While he was praying over lunch, he stopped in the middle of praying..."Thanks so much for this food and for.....quietly asking...'How do you say your name again?'"

He is so never going to live that one down.

After talking we decided to spend a little more time together.

***I will mention here that I still knew virtually no one in town, and did not call my mom after church to let her know I was going out for lunch.***

Rick ended up driving me around town after lunch and showing me where things were, and then took me back to his house to just hang out. We ended up having dinner together, went to a baseball game and then out for ice cream. By the time I got home it was after 10 pm.

My mom (who lived twelve hours away) was a little worried. There were SEVEN messages on the machine from her when I got home. As a mom now, I can understand her worries, but I was stuck up on a cloud somewhere, and just gushed about Rick to her. And sent an email to my pastor back home telling him about the wonderful man that I had just met....and who had paid for dinner. Sad, but true. While there were many other qualities that Rick possessed, at that point I was most impressed by how he treated me. He didn't make me pay. Didn't expect me to pay. Treated me like I was special.

And that made a world of difference.


  1. Happy belated anniversary! Funny, now that you write about it I remember you showing up in church, and I remember there being a bit of a buzz when Rick asked you out the second week. I think it was fairly obvious you guys were meant for each other. Different, yet completing each other. Dharma and Greg. :) And now I'm pondering how quickly time has flown. Where did the last 10 years go?

  2. Thank you for your story, how sweet! It's amazing how God places us in the right places at just the right times... I mean imagine if you hadn't found THAT church.

  3. I love that he had to ask you how to say your name!! :) :) But so sweet that he was praying for you at lunch. :)

    and.. what was your graduate degree in?? :)


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