Friday, July 25, 2008

Am I Smarter than a 7 Year Old?

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I had a moment of panic today as a mother. I felt that I had scarred my children educationally for life. All because of one little tv show.

The culprit? Little Einsteins.

photo courtesy of Disney Channel

If you've watched the show (or heard it playing over and over ahem in the background over the din of children in your house), you might recall that they feature prominent composers, famous artwork, etc... during each one of their shows.

Today, I was playing some music from a keyboard we bought and "Ode to Joy" started playing. Immediately there was a hush over the kids and they started yelling, "It's the Buggy Wuggy song!" And they even sang it for me.

Insert pin to pop my happy parenting bubble.

I turned around to Laurianna and said something along the lines of: "THAT'S what you remember?" and turned back around to literally bang my head on the keyboard.

And then? Laurianna called me and when I turned around to talk to her she had this ever-so-thoughtful look on her face and said: "This song was written by Beethoven. And...I believe it was his 9th Symphony."

My mouth was hanging open. I (at that point) did know it was Beethoven but didn't know which symphony it was - I was just impressed that she knew there was more than one to begin with.

And my 7 year old officially knows something I don't. It was his 9th.

Ahhh...sweet redemption.


  1. LOL.

    Beethoven's Symphomy No. 9 is identified as "The Buggy Wuggy Song" here, too. And anything by Tchaikovsky reminds my son on Angelina Ballerina.


  3. Thanks for giving me the pleasure of having the Buggy Wuggy song playing through my head for the rest of the,or not!

  4. Oh this has happened here too, although even earlier with the Baby Einstein videos that my youngest was given. We were driving in the car and I had my CM selection of music playing. Up pipes my two year old... "This is by EINSTEIN!"...followed by a silence as I slowly made the connection. Gill.


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