Monday, July 21, 2008

Ten Years Later...

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Rick and I celebrated our 1oth anniversary this last weekend at a nearby bed and breakfast and just being together...

...without kids!!

We were so incredibly blessed, even just for ONE night to be able to slip away, spend some time together and just have fun.

Rick surprised me on our way to the bed and breakfast by offering to stop and find a casual dress for me to wear. None of the shoes I would like to wear are (ahem) fitting at the moment or are anywhere close to comfortable due to a certain toe being broken.

But offering to go shopping with me? I had to check his temperature. I'm not a big shopper myself. Do I love a bargain? Yes. Digging for said bargain? Not so much. And last time I went dress shopping I ended up crying in the dressing room. Mainly because I wasn't pregnant, but it looked like I was. We found a cute dress though that he loved (and me too!) and called it a successful day.

Dinner. Walking. Spending uninterrupted time together. We even managed to get a few pictures of each other...ok, more of me, but that's ok too - some cute ones for Rick's desk at work. Need to remind him that I can smile and I do clean up nicely. *grins*


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the dress.

  2. Jo! you look FANTASTIC!

    Happy 10!

    ps. you've GOT to post a photo from your wedding! I'd love to see it.;-)

  3. 'you loook mahhvelous (and you know who u are!)
    ......Am I dating myself??
    you are absolutely beautiful!
    where did u go?

  4. Congrats on 10 years!!! Sounds so wonderful! You two are certainly deserving of some time away once in awhile!

  5. Hey there Jo! Just wanted to let you know I popped in to check out your blog. Love it! (I'm quite the blogoholic myself ...) Congrats on 10 years. You have a beautiful family.

  6. You guys are precious! 10! Congratulations. So glad you were able to get away by yourselves. You look gorgeous in that picture!

  7. You guys look great! Cute dress!

  8. so beautiful you look!

    congrats on the ten years - was it really 10 years ago that we were picking out flowers for you to take out of state for your weddding!

  9. really pretty dress. that's so awesome that you got to get away; a little time together without the kids does wonders huh? I love bed and breakfasts.

  10. what a pretty dress! and what a nice getaway! Thank you for stopping by my blog. ;) I look forward to looking through yours!


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