Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breathing Holes and Drain Pipes

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We were sitting at breakfast the other morning and Zachary started choking on his drink. Laurianna quickly piped up, "It must have gone down his breathing hole."

Yeah. It's something like that.

He finally quit coughing, ate a little more and tried drinking again. This time it all went much more smoothly and he looked at me and said, "It's ok. This time it went down my drain pipe."


To remind myself of the above story and wanting to blog it, I called our home phone from my cell phone while we were running errands and left a message. A few minutes later, a huge tow truck drove by us hauling a fire engine.

Zachary, of course, was thrilled beyond measure and began yelling to the girls, "Look! A tow truck is hauling a fire engine (repeat several times loudly)."

McKenna responded with, "Was it a TOAD truck? Ribbit..Ribbit? Get it Zachary? A toad truck?" :::endless peals of laughter:::

The humor was lost on Zachary, of course.

Then from McKenna again. "Mom. You might want to call home and put that on the answering maching too so you can blog about it. Remember...toad truck...ribbit, ribbit." (Mommy meanwhile doesn't pick up her cell phone fast enough). "Mom! Aren't you going to call? Wasn't that funny? Are you going to call?"

Mommy then quick pretend dials and leaves a fake message...which apparently still worked, since here it is on the blog.

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  1. What really cracks me up about that is that I did the EXACT same thing the other day. Called my house phone from my cell phone to remind myself of something the girls said.

    Yet again, great minds...

    Uh. Should I be scared?

  2. It would be great to have things answer back! The world would probably be a lot less chaotic! My hubs is always losing his keys.

  3. Kids pick up on EVERYTHING!!! Very cute!

  4. THAT is so funny! She wanted to be left on the answering machine too. What a great idea :)

    Loved the drain pipe...

  5. That is funny! My kids are always reminding me that I should blog about something. What have we created?!!?! :)


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