Monday, June 30, 2008

If You See Smoke...

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This post in particular is for all my local neighbors out there.

I'm asking - no, begging you - if you see/smell smoke, please call the fire department as soon as possible. And send one of your kids down to check on us.

Because yesterday, I found my son (one guess who) in the kitchen with one of these devices.

And despite the fact that it is "child-proof", his three-year-old brain has worked out that you "push this button and then click here" to make it work. And there was much screaming of the sisters who came running to me, since he was experimenting with it, and hiding in the kitchen corner. Again.

But fortunately no real or permanent fire.

Up the lighter goes into a high, high cabinet, but be warned should you leave one lying around your house and should we come to visit. Have a phone handy.


  1. Scary! But when I think back to all the stupid, silly, or just plain ignorant things I did as a kid (and sometimes even now), I can't help but thank God for His mercy. It truly is mercy that any of us are alive now.

  2. Isaac has done the exact same thing.

    Now I'm pretty sure....weren't we pregnant at the same time? There are way too many things that our little guys have in common!! What water were we drinking? What foods did we crave? Is it us? Or them? Full moon? hahaha!


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