Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Zoo Crew

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Last week we took the family to the zoo and met with some of my college friends who live about the same distance from the zoo - just in the opposite direction. While it was fun seeing the animals, it was a much needed visit with some great friends. And it makes me wonder why in the world we didn't do it sooner.

Meet Hope and Brady. :)

We held off telling the kids about the trip until we knew the weather was going to cooperate with us. They woke up, shoved breakfast in their mouths, and buckled up. And about 10 minutes on the road started asking if we were almost at the zoo.

Makes me as the parent ask, "How much longer? No really. I want to know. Because if I have to answer this question one more time..."

Our crew was thrilled to see Samuel and Charys...and they were thrilled to see our four as well. It was so sweet watching them all hold hands, call out to each other to wait up, and just enjoy being together too.

There were so many animals to see, pretend to be, keep the children away from and climbing into their habitats... there were the lions, tigers, pandas, elephants, and such.

It was more fun trying to keep the kids away from the zebras.

Who were mating.

Sooooo not ready to go there yet with the kids ( pictures of that one).
Despite the fact that there were animals - large animals to see - an elephant for example, this is what Kaleb was more interested in. Construction. Go figure.

Or just freedom from the stroller.

We had lunch together and played a little more...

and remembered to take pictures together this time!

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  1. Looks like a fun time! It's nice to reconnect with good friends from the past.;-)


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