Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Hanging

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I'm still here. But just enjoying spring. Planting in the garden. And making sure my son doesn't hang himself.


He made a necklace at church the other day. Went outside to play yesterday morning wearing it. And then the trash guys came. Zachary, being his happy little social self, decided that he needed to go greet them. Since our fence has latches on the inside and the outside - and also a padlock so that little people can't escape, Zachary did what he does best. Climbed to escape.

In the process, his necklace got stuck on the fence picket and he was literally hanging off the fence post screaming. Mind you, he was facing the fence, so it wasn't wrapped around the front of his neck. Just holding him up by the back of his head and under his ears. His little feet kicking the fence as he attempted to release himself. Hands grabbing, trying to pull himself up and get unstuck.

And what do you suppose the trash men were doing during this time? They just watched the entire thing. They saw him hanging there before I did and just stood and watched from the street.

We apparently need to be nicer to our trash guys.

1 comment:

  1. How scary! What ever happened to helping your neighbor? or customer?

    I'm glad he's okay. He is so cute.


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