Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playing with Friends

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Our kids were so excited to have Charis and Selah come over and play (and cried and cried when they left to go home). They weren't here quite an hour, but our kids managed to squeeze in every bit possible before they did leave.

Laughing and giggling.

Taking pictures of Mommy.

Dressing up and dancing.


Just having fun!


  1. LOVE them!!! we'll have to keep taking pictures like every year. One day we'll have quite the "growing up together" album. :)

    Thanks again for keeping them during that time. xo

  2. Was Zachary in heaven or what???? Surrounded by beautiful little ladies, all dressed up & looking for a dance partner. ;-) Did he break out the famous tights?

  3. Can I come over and twirl??!! Looks like fun!

  4. What adorable photos!


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