Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Scary Things

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Sunday nights are "movie" night in our house. Popcorn. Everyone curled up (or strapped in) somewhere to watch a fun movie together. Maybe it will be Bambi (for the 10th time) or something else.

At lunch Sunday we were asking the kids if they wanted to watch Ratatouille that night. Does this little face bring fear into your heart?

Zachary immediately got upset and said he didn't want to watch it.

"I don't like the short man. And the lady with the umbrella. She tries to shoot the mouse. And it's scary."

Okay. I suppose I can understand that (despite the fact that he is into making Duplo guns and shooting things on a daily basis...). So, I tried another movie suggestion...as a joke. Because if a little rat movie is scary, surely these two characters will put fear into your heart...

The answer to the question?

"YEAH!!! Monsters! Monsters! Let's watch that!"

Go figure.

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  1. Too cute.
    Go figure why they would want to watch some Monsters over a rat. hehe
    Personally I like Ratatioulle better.

  2. I'd have to side with the kids, I'd pick cute monsters over a rat any day!

  3. Yes, Monsters, Inc. is much better anyway!

  4. so funny to hear what they think about stuff.

  5. Hilarious! Why kids reason things out the way the do, I'll never know. Monsters who sneak in kids' bedrooms and scare them at night vs. a cute little cooking rodent! No contest for me. LOL.

  6. That is so funny. Who can understand the minds of little ones?

    Mine are terrified of most Disney movies. Thank goodness for Cars. Well, they are terrified at the Nemo shark, but can watch Ursula grow into a sea monster without batting an eye. Go figure...
    LOL! Movie night - great idea.

    Happy TTT!

  7. i'd pick a hairy monster over a hairy rodent any day.


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