Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Chinese Word for "No"

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We purchased some lovely language CD's from Chick-Fil-A recently (did you know you don't have to buy the kid's meals to buy their toys? How cool is that?). They currently have four language cd's for kids to listen to: Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. We picked up all four and popped in the Chinese cd for the kids to listen to.

Pretty typical language cd. The English word is dictated. The translation is given. And then there is plenty of time for the kids to repeat what they heard.

We drove. The kids repeated what they heard. And we about had milkshake coming out our noses when we heard the Chinese word for "no" and then the three little parrots in the backseats repeating it.

"Bu Shi"

As in book without the "k" and shi - in ship, without the "p".



  1. That is hilarious! I would have totally had milkshake out my nose. Do you have any of the Rosetta Stone software? I bet the girls are old enough to start doing it. Email me if you want the hook up on some :-)

    Also, I tagged you for a meme on my blog :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Jolanthe!!!

    WOOOOHOOO! So you're 25, right??

  3. 34, she is the oldest in the family. Happy birthday...hip..hip..hoorah!

  4. Ooops, 35 :-) Mom and dad have been married for 34 years.....hehehe

  5. 34 is RIGHT YOUNG in my book! go girlfriend! I'm going to get me some of those cd's! I want milk to come out my nose...


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