Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maybe if you squeeze it REAL hard...

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Today we wrapped up standardized testing for Laurianna to officially complete her school year. Since we used the Iowa, I was able to also be the test administer, and it was rather fun to really watch her thought process during the testing time.

My favorite testing moment came when she was asked which food item came from a plant, and she then had to choose between a picture of bread, milk, and something else. She chose milk and I heard her mutter, "Well, milkweed is a plant."

Then she got a panicked look on her face, erased it and said, "But wheat is a plant. And bread is made from wheat." And then she just laughed and laughed about milkweed.

Our summer-time might focus around a few science concepts I'm thinking.

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  1. I love it! Kids are so funny.

    Here's to summer!!

  2. "end of the year" testing...whew...bet that feels good!

    Cute - milkweed...loving that!

  3. Testing...when all of the hard work finally pays off!

    I love seeing the photo of you and rick!!


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