Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not-so-Amazing Results

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I admit it. I got suckered in.

I saw a great commercial for a seemingly unbelievable stain remover. And what mother with four children who seem to attract colorful staining residue wouldn't jump on what appears to be an amazing product? Promising amazing results!

The video showed stains disappearing right before people's eyes - before the clothes were even washed. Count me in!

Think I'm joking? I seriously loaded the kids up into the van, carted them around Target, found the product in question and bought it.

And sprayed every stain in sight last week.

Out of all of the items I sprayed with it - not a single one removed the stain. Not ONE!!! One was mildly reduced, but considering the multitude of blots, drips, drops, and such, it was a pitiful offering. So tonight, all the previously treated items are all being re-treated with something that will hopefully do major backtracking for me.
Note: Just to be fair, I had "published" this post earlier and then thought I should try it again - and sadly got the same results.

Why would I switch from what I currently use (and seems to work immensely and amazingly better than what I thought)? I just got suckered in. See what advertising can do? It just looked so good.


  1. That SO STINKS! Written the company yet? ;) I've heard of companies that found their product being talked about on random blogs and emailed the blogger personally, wanting to make it right. Hmmm?


    so do tell. What DO you use that works better?

  2. that does stink. I like the Oxy Clean Laundry Stain remover.

  3. Check out the website. The pre-made return form kind of makes me wonder if they expect returns.


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