Monday, May 19, 2008

The Little Bug is Moving...

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A few weeks ago I posted that Kaleb (not quite 18 months) still wasn't walking.

That has most definitely changed.

It still never ceases to amaze me, despite the fact that he is our fourth, how QUICKLY it all comes together in their little minds once they start doing it.

Totter. Totter. RUN!!!! Watching him wobble around the house. Going longer and longer spurts between stopping. Bending down to pick something up he dropped and then continuing. Pivoting. And then they just don't stop. Because a new level of freedom has now been attained.

We went to the children's museum on Friday and he found a golf club and some golf balls and went walking around for quite some time - ever so proud of himself. And how those chubby little hands managed to hold two golf balls, I'll never understand.

If the older kids are doing something - he has to also (which understandably can get a little frustrating for them). But he is ever so cute pretending that he knows what he is doing.

He also loved the tractor and once he found that, it was impossible to get him off. Literally. I would take him off, bring him to the train table, turn around....and he was back on the tractor.

This weekend he had a chance to play in the sandbox. All that spelled was F-U-N! (and sand in all the tiny crevices of his little body). But fun mostly. This little face says it all.


  1. Seriously, when did he get so big? You go and move him out of the infant nursery and *bam* ...grown up.

    Thus, the reason why R. is still in the good ol' infant nursery. I'm just biding my time. ;)

    BTW, It amazes me how much he looks like McKenna!

  2. What a cutie! So are you thinking he'll be a lot like Zachary or, calm?

    You're good with that 50mm! Great photos.

  3. My boys didn't walk until about 18 months, too. I worried about it with Josiah...with David, I wasn't concerned at all. :)

    Kaleb is so cute! When I read Christin's comment, I had to stop and look at pics of all your kids again. I wasn't thinking that he looks like McKenna because to me, all your kids look so, so similar. They definitely look like a family and are simply gorgeous!


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