Friday, May 2, 2008

Ever So Refreshing

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The air is beginning to warm up a little more each day. There is a nice little breeze flowing through the house. Warm enough to comfortably wear those capris and start planting all the annuals and vegetables without worrying about a frost.

And definitely warm enough to check out the mint barrel and cut the first mint of the season and enjoy a glass of mint tea.

Apple Mint

Chocolate Mint

Even though we've had a glass or two over the winter from some frozen mint, there is nothing like the first official glass of the season.


  1. I know it sounds strange, but I've never had a cup. Sounds good I'll try it.

  2. i feel that way about the first batch of sweet corn:0)

  3. hmnm, I need to get some mint. I've never made my own; bet it's better fresh than from the tea bag.


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