Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mostly Strange

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Why is it that a vehicle can be annoyingly choosy as to who it "acts up" to? Can you explain that to me?

Our van has been acting a little strange most of the time. Enough that I generally desire to stay clear of the interstate and have no desire to go on any extended road trips with it. And by most I mean it does it everyday when I drive it, yet somehow seems to recover each time we take it to our mechanic.

Call me a little over-anxious if you will, but to me fun is not spelled "sitting-on-the-side-of-the-road-waiting-for-a-tow-truck-while-18-wheeled-instruments-of-death-go-flying-by".

Not that I desire to dish out thousands of dollars (hundreds would be much nicer, thank you very much) to have something fixed, but I don't want somethng going wrong at a most inopportune time - which would be most times since I'm never in the van by myself. There are those four little bugs hanging out in the backseats.


  1. Oh the joy of car trouble.

    I feel the same about the computer! At least it's only my mind that is left stranded and not my little one.

    Saying a prayer that it will be quick, simple and inexpensive to fix...

  2. Our minivan is "a little strange," too, with a weird noise and vibration. I used to worry about it, but wouldn't you know, it's been that way ever since we got it! Which is now, about 2 and 1/2 years ago. So if it hasn't completely fallen apart by now, maybe it won't? :)

    I hope your situation resolves itself, with a minimum of money and no awkward stranded moments!


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