Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The answering machine

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My mom called the other day and McKenna answered the phone (which she isn't supposed to do unless asked to). When she answered, my mom asked, "Are you supposed to answer the phone?"

McKenna answered, "Umm...this is the answering machine."


I was showing the kids some funny video clips from Hoops and YoYo on manners (too funny). They show the right and wrong way to do several things. Later that night Zachary needed to apologize to Laurianna and wouldn't take his hands off his face. So we had a little talk about his manners.

Me: "Zachary. Remember Hoops and YoYo? They would say you need to take your hands off your face so others can see your face and hear you." (A last ditch effort, I know...)

Zachary: "But they can't say that. They're in the computer."


It's probably a good thing we're homeschooling. I believe that my 3-year-old would have been suspended from school after the little song he was singing in the car today. Zachary started out singing "The Wheels on the Bus" and began adding his own verses, completed by "The guns on the bus go shoot, shoot, shoot..."

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  1. Isn't it amazing how kids' brains process things? I love it.

    Wheels on the Bus is a favorite at our house, too, but I must say I haven't heard that verse... yet! :)

    Your children have the sweetest smiles. Love the pictures!

    Becky @ Boys Rule My Life

  2. Ok I just love Tiny Talk Tuesday!

    BTW are you and Mary related? The girls smiles look so similar!

  3. What a cute answering machine you have!!

  4. I am laughing so hard!!!! McKenna cracked me up with the answering machine comment.

    the "guns on the bus" - oh my goodness - that cracks me up!!! Like my girls and dea.th right now...

    I wish we could come over and play :)

  5. Oh, McKenna, you're too funny!

    How do you deal with something like that? Talk with her about how we're not supposed to lie? Or let yourself crack up because it's hilarious? :)


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