Monday, November 19, 2007

Consumed with food...or consuming food?

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Lately it feels that I am consumed with food...or consuming food...sigh. It never ends. I'm still working on the hidden stash of stuff that I have from the kids Halloween candy (don't tell Rick it's hidden in the bottom drawer). Fortunately it's all in small little packages, but it's still sugar, I still don't need it and it equals trouble.

It's fall. Like any good mother, I should of course be BAKING. And I am. Pumpkin this. Pumpkin that. Cookies, cookies, and yes, more cookies. And now comes an entire day dedicated to food, and leftovers, and more leftovers...and don't you know, if I spent all the time making this yummy food with gobs and mountains of butter, enough sugar and marshmallows to wallow in...I WILL be one of the first in line eating it (right after I cut up food for all the little people). Even if it must be in excess. I will sacrifice myself like that.

Today as I was naming off stuff for the dinner, I realized that pretty much everything that I'm making falls into a light tan or orange color category. The beautiful colors of fall. Coincidence? I think not! Not a green vegetable in is the sign of spring. Life. So then, are all the fall food colors not a good sign? Turkey, sweet potatoe casserole, rolls/bread, pumpkin pie, stuffing...all fall into the brownish, tanish, creamy colored category. Oh! Wait, I forgot the cranberry freeze - that is red - still a fall color, but at least we are branching out a bit!

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  1. I happen to be partial to those colors. mm-mm good. ;)

    We'll be getting together to WALK OFF this love of lard later on, right?


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