Monday, November 12, 2007

She's Officially Five

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Today was the official big day for McKenna! It's hard to believe that 5 years have gone by so quickly. We watched a lot of our home movies this morning together with Daddy (who stayed home for the special day). It was so much fun seeing the girls so small - and trying to remember that they used to be that small! Where does the time go?

McKenna was princess for the day and chose our breakfast menu (some lovely chocolate covered donuts) and the dinner menu of english muffin pizzas (don't you wish you were at our house?). Since we had the big party on Saturday, I only made cupcakes today and McKenna helped me decorate them with some lovely sugar sprinkles. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Yum!

We started a new (and hopefully we'll continue to remember) tradition of taking a family picture before we opened presents. So here's the well-fed crew waiting to see the presents. Amazingly, the first picture taken was the one that was the best, but of course we didn't know that until 15 pictures later. Some of the other pictures were so worth taking though - just for the look on the birthday girl's face.

After dinner, she was more than happy to open up her presents:

A dollhouse and people from daddy and mommy

A Snow White wig from Grammy

A beautiful Snow White dress from Oma and Opa to complete the ensemble

(and match the cute shoes and tiara from the Fawley family on Saturday!!)


  1. What a beautiful baby and what a beautiful little girl!

    Happy Bday!

  2. Her baby picture is simply beautiful! What a cute little girl. Her face in that one picture is a little freaky, I'm sure she'll get a good laugh out of that one when she's older. :)
    Happy Birthday Princess!


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