Monday, November 19, 2007

Our newest addition

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In the never-ending quest to organize, re-organize and drive myself endlessly crazy, we made an addition to our house (pictured below). You need to understand that we have 7 people currently living in our house, jackets aplenty, and shoes that seem to breed during the night while we sleep and then overflow from the entry closet. For the 7 of us, we have an entry closet that is 2 feet wide. To hang everything. Heaven forbid we should have to WALK to get a jacket. But with 4 kids, a jacket for every possible season, shoes for play, church, nice, all gets a little overwhelming - and then the closet won't shut.

We've talked about getting a bench for the entry way and I found one last week at JCPenney - a lovely bench it was - marked down from $650 to $250, included a wall shelf with baskets and cubbies and cushions. With a nice little coupon code - it was $251 delivered to my door by the nice man in brown. It came Friday and I was so excited - it only took me 45 minutes to put it together (and yes honey, I read the directions). and hopefully it won't fall apart. Without further ado, here is the nice little addition

I also included a picture of the lovely turkey (yes, that is a green, aparently pre-plucked turkey...or one with the mange) lovingly crafted by the hands of Zachary. The kids all made turkeys at church and they needed a "home" - so now they are on hand to greet all of our company. Check out the Lazy Organizer website too. :)


  1. Yay!! It arrived! It looks great. I'm impressed by your carpentry skills. ;-) It looks like it was made just for that spot.

    P.S. I like your blog makeover.

  2. Ok, I tried to comment earlier and blogger failed me... so I will try again AHEM...

    I absolutely adore that piece of furniture! I want that exact thing! I don't have a wall long enough though (we enter into our kitchen) I stared at it longingly both on your blog and on JCPenneys site. Some things were just not meant to be. I guess for now I'll stick with my over the door hooks on the basement door. *sigh*

  3. I am so loving this bench and shelf. I'm sorry it won't work at your house. sigh. Kaleb is loving it too, since he can pull the baskets out and play with the shoes - and he LOVES shoes. So far, it's been a HUGE improvement.

  4. I love the bench and shelf! Doesn't it feel good to be organized??!!! Some sort of order to an otherwise crazy life. Oh wait, that's my life! UGH! Will the bench help me?

  5. I love that bench! It looks great!

  6. What a cute bench and shelf. I love baskets!

  7. funny thing...Selah was standing here beside me as I read. And all she said was (upon seeing that green thing) "IS that Zachary's turkey?" ;)

    love the bench! where'd the fam picture get moved to?

  8. It's beautiful and organized! I'm still waiting to find a bench for my entryway. I need something for a corner and I want drawers because I know my kids would destroy baskets.

    I know what you mean about all the stuff. I have a little closet by our entrance and it is always packed full.

  9. O.K. I just drooled a little bit. That is beautiful!!


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